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Frequently asked questions

Order Issues & Refunds
What if what I received is different from what I ordered?

Sometimes we make mistakes - with so many different delicious beers that we’re handling, it can happen! Please send us a clear email to [email protected] with your order number and which beers were missing/incorrect.


We will respond within 48 hours to work with you to find a suitable solution; whether that be a refund for the missing products, a replacement, or a discount code.


Where is my refund?

Your partial or full refund will be debited to the account from which you paid within 14 days of agreeing to the refund terms in accordance with EU law. Often it will be quicker than this. 


I wrote an email about my order, when can I expect a response?

Please allow up to two business days.

When will my package be shipped?

In most cases, our packages are packed and shipped the next business day following the order.  However, during high intensity periods, namely US import drops, this can take longer as we are processing hundreds of orders. Therefore, your package can be shipped between 1-3 business days following your order. 


Please note that items are not shipped on Saturdays and Sundays. 


Where is my package?

You can track your package using the tracking number forwarded to you once your order is being processed (see previous FAQ for time frame).


If your package is still awaiting pick up by our courier, the info will be updated as soon as the courier collects it from us. After collection you can follow its journey yourself using the courier’s tracking service. 


My tracking says delivered but I did not receive it?

Often in this situation the beer has been delivered to a point close to your home. Check the courier status for specific details, and then check for likely scenarios e.g. your neighbour’s house, garden, shed, local pickup point or courier depot.


If you are unable to find the items in the logical places, the next step is to contact the delivery company? Were you home when the company tried to deliver? Did you write the correct address on your order? 


Finally, if you have checked all these avenues, let us know by email and we will follow procedures to locate your package in correspondence with our terms and conditions. Please be aware that we do not refund packages that were delivered if the recipient has input the wrong address. 


Can I combine my order with another to avoid paying shipping again?

Yes, only if you email us before placing your additional orders. We will email you with instructions on how to proceed. This is not guaranteed and subject to current order volume - however we will always try to combine orders when possible! 

Products & Canning
Was this canned in September or November?

A regular cause of confusion relates to US import beers, and the alternative date format used compared to European beers. Not only is the date format different, but beers brewed and canned in the US have no legal obligation to state the best before date, therefore the date on the bottom of the can is the canning date


The date format in the US: MM/DD/YYYY 

The date format in Europe: DD/MM/YYYY. 


A US can of IPA marked 11/09/2024 was canned on 9th November 2024. In Europe this would be canned on the 11th September. 

How fresh are your US Import IPA’s?


The beers we receive from the US are purchased from the brewery, then shipped from the US East Coast directly to us. Beers are usually less than two weeks old when we buy them, but of course it takes time to transport them to the Netherlands, and then time to send them to you!

As a rule, you can presume that the average age of an IPA by the time you receive it will be around 2 months after canning. Some newer, some older. 

We understand that it’s not the same as drinking it directly at the brewery - where that delicious IPA is only days old - but it’s the next best alternative (other than flying to the US yourself). Trust us, you won’t find any fresher than these in Europe! 


My IPA I ordered is over 3 months old, can I get a refund?

We do not refund cans of IPA’s that are less than six months old, and even then it is on a case by case basis. Indeed, IPA’s within three months of canning are at their prime and ours are generally within this age range. However, they are absolutely drinkable and tasty within 6 months - especially when properly stored.

An IPA stored at proper temperatures that is 6 months old will taste as good as a much younger IPA stored at room temperatures, and many breweries in Europe write their canning date and best before date with a minimum of six months. 


My beer tasted off, what should I do?

It is possible that some beers can run into issues such as oxidation or damage to the packaging, causing an off flavour. We quality control our beers as best as possible but this can fly under the radar despite our best efforts.

If we notice a batch of beer is canned improperly or you receive a damaged can and let us know, we will arrange a suitable solution in the form of a replacement or refund. Please see the previous FAQ’s for further information. 

This beer is rated 4.69 on UNTAPPD but I don’t like it?

If you choose to purchase beers through our store based on their UNTAPPD scores, do so with the knowledge that taste is subjective and we do not refund beers within our canning date policy for this reason. 


The beer is expensive, is it worth the price tag?

Most of our beers are priced extremely fairly, considering the high transportation and import costs for US beers. We understand with these premium beers, you want it to be the best thing you’ve ever tasted, however, we simply cannot make that a reality. 

Whilst we strive to have the best products in this niche market, we would advise you to remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a beer. Some people love the same ones you hate and vice versa.

Do you accept Biercheque and how do I use it to pay for my order?

Yes, we accept Biercheque as a payment method! To use Biercheque, please follow these steps:

1. Put the products you would like to order in your cart.

2. Do not yet enter your code in the "Gift Card" box, but instead follow step 3.

3. Proceed to "payment methods", and select "Gift Card" as your payment method. (Important)

4. This will send you to a page where you are allowed to fill in your code and pin.


You have now successfully paid with Biercheque!

For additional info, please consult the Biercheque website.

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